Who makes the interior design decisions?

The end user is the customer and ultimately the liability is with the purchaser.The design team at ‘unico’ are customer focused. The journey starts with ideas, architectural plans, and a brief. ‘unico’ designers ask ‘open questions’ to unlock the knowledge. The more information the better the advice to help the customer make an informed decision.

What comes first?

Start at the bottom and work up. Spatial design flows from timber flooring, kitchen kick plate, joinery, and bench top. Whilst modern homes by design are open plan and have an indoor outdoor flow the bathrooms can be treated as independent spaces.

When do you need to make the selections?

To meet budget a successful project has the interior design specified before they start. Deposits secure the stock and guaranteeing delivery to meet the build program timelines.

Why choose an interior specialist?

Qualified and experienced people are invaluables to make the decision-making process easy.

Why choose Italian products?

The Italians have centuries of experience and are known fashion leaders in design. The surface finish of Italian products are world class. Recent advances in technology offers new materials to finish your home. For example, the recent Bi Laminate finishes on our Made In Italy kitchens give them a competitive advantage over local sheet material.

How much do I order?

Tiles and Timber FLooring are sold by the m2 unit of measure. The NZ standard for wastage is 15%. Quantities are best done by the approved installer for example nominated tiler.

How are products priced?

Depending on the cost of materials used, cost of manufacturing and research and development one item can be double the cost of another. For example, the best Italian tiles are full bodied porcelain, made with a mix of minerals and quartz fired for 90 minutes at 1200 degrees centigrade. The result is a tile that depicts the natural stone perfectly with 3D resolution and multiple face patterns. Porcelain tiles are technically higher quality and come with a 20 year warranty.