1. Initial Consultation

We are here to help simplify the process of building or renovating. To do that, on our initial meeting we ask you as many questions as possible to find out as much information about you as we can to create atmospheres to fit your taste and lifestyle within your budget and brief.

Ideally we will leave this meeting with your plans or with your architects contact so we can start on a basic design and prepare an initial proposal.

We do recommend getting in contact with us as early as possible into your project to optimise space planning and interior layout. We understand you have probably been working with your architect for months and the point is to not affect the work done to date, but to enhance the design to ensure you happy with the end result.


2. Site Visit

For renovation projects, a site visit would follow the initial consultation to acquire any more dimensions needed and to make sure the renovation stays coherent within the existing elements of the site that are to stay as is.


3. Initial Design Proposal Meeting

This is where we will present you our ideas initial ideas. This may include rendered 3D models, technical AutoCAD drawings, material samples or anything else that helps us communicate our vision to you. During this meeting we will record the feedback received on our ideas to then make any alterations needed.


4. Further Design Meetings

After the initial design proposal meeting and once we have completed the alterations, we will come back to you with the result. Again we will receive feedback make the alterations and continue on this cycle until you are 100% happy with the design created.


5. Supply of Products

After you are 100% happy with the design we will prepare you an invoice and get all the elements ordered for you, for the construction to commence. This is the part that most clients benefit from as it minimises the risk of missing anything and having to order further elements during the construction phase.

This is also the part where our sales team shine. With their amount of experience and relationship with various suppliers, we can offer our clients products of top quality and greatest aesthetics. Not only do we order your products, but we also coordinate the delivery to ensure the products are there when required.


6. The Construction Preparation

We keep a clear and organised record of every part of the design. Technical/Architectural Drawings are a tradies instruction manual and without them your builder, plumber or any other party involved would not be able do their part of the job. From the start we liaise with others involved, to ensure there are no design clashes and the overall design works both practically and aesthetically.
The director of Unico started as a builder himself. This helps our design team as there will always be someone who can advice on the practicality side during the whole journey.


7. The Construction

In your request we can handle the entire project through to completion, which includes being on site during construction and co-ordinate the building process through to the installation of the final furnishings


8. Project Completion

After the construction is complete, a snag visit will most likely be necessary to ensure everything is as planned and you are happy with the end result of the project.


9. No Contract

We have a hourly rate which means that you have 0 commitment. The first invoice will be sent after the initial proposal meeting, and from then on at whichever pace the project moves in.