Designing a Kitchen

‘Made in Italy’ translates to world leader in style and design. This reputation is earned on a foundation of the Italian’s superior manufacturing technology. The research and development in machining and new processes to produce surface material that replicates the natural product lies at the foundation of this success.

Not limited to kitchens but the worlds best porcelain tiles, tap ware and bathroom ware ceramics are all Made In Italy.

100% Made In Italy kitchens are superior in design with a quality that cannot be matched.

New 2019 Italian Kitchens

There is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all kitchen’ and hence why we recommend getting involved with a kitchen designer.

When starting to design a kitchen, the lifestyle factor is the most important one to start with and keep in mind during the whole process. How will the kitchen be run? Will it be a kitchen for a keen chef or baker with smart appliances, a family kitchen where it may need to accommodate multiple people at once or an entertaining kitchen that joins into the dining area?

Once the lifestyle factor is figured out and the kitchen has specific requirements, the next step is to move onto the kitchen layout. There are multiple possibilities when it comes to kitchen layout and each has its own features that help achieve the requirements of the lifestyle you are after.

  • U-shape kitchen - This is the perfect layout for families due to the large kitchen space it allows. Everyone can have their own space with no problem.

  • L-shape kitchen - Is often located in the corner of a room and allows for great open floor living, which allows for plenty of movement, and connection between the kitchen and different rooms of the house such as the dining or living room.

  • Straight line kitchen - Great for having clear and specific stations.An inexpensive kitchen layout and of course also ideal for small and narrow kitchens spaces.

  • Island kitchen - Adding an island to your kitchen (where it is an L-shape, straight line or any other layout) gives you the maximum space possible both in storage, appliances and entertainment. You can place your sink and cooktop on the island allowing for an incredible amount of storage through the rest of your kitchen, or keep the island very simple to allow for a feature entertaining area.

  • Galley kitchen - This layout really helps keep your steps to a minimum as it makes it easy to reach all areas by keeping it all within a minimum distance of each other. An obvious choice of layout for keen chefs and bakers, but not so great for entertaining.

  • Butlers pantry - Given away by the name, but butlers pantry were created for household staff to prepare and cook food without the need of using the main part of the kitchen. As it helps keep the mess away from the eyesight, butlers pantries are still used these days, even without the use of household staff. Not only does it create an extra working space but it also gives you a lot more storage, overall, highly recommended if you have space!







Galley .jpg


Straight Line Kitchen .jpg


Butlers Pantry.jpg


You’ve probably heard of the ‘working’ or ‘golden triangle’. If you haven’t, this is the name given to the space between your sink, cooktop, and fridge when they are designed to be within close proximity of each other to allow for ease of movement and efficient workflow.
It is said that the most effective kitchen space is one which allows 1200mm distance between each end of the triangle.

However, as anything in the design area is always developing, kitchen design now does not need to follow the ‘triangle’ rule as designers feel that it can be too rigid and instead think of the kitchen space in terms of zones. The ‘Blum Dynamic Space’ concept works in a way which demonstrates good ergonomics by having a specific ‘workflow’ or ‘zones’ as such for consumables, non-consumable, cleaning, preparation, and cooking. Follow this link for more information or keep an eye out on our blogs, as one on the Blum mechanism is definitely on the schedule!

Kitchen Floorplan.JPG

The Golden Triangle

Specific storage comes once a 50% deposit is paid. We don’t want to waste any of your or our time, and we want to go into much detail as possible, but here’s a quick inside on how to design your kitchen with maximum storage.

  • Drawers - Makes everything easy to see and keep organised as they come to you!

  • Open Shelves - If you are a tidy person, you can add extra storage between your bench and wall cabinets. Everything that is often used would be within eyesight at all times.

  • Floor to Ceiling Cabinets - This one is the best tip out there. Not only does it give you extra storage but it also avoids dust collection and gives the illusion that the ceiling is higher. Always go to the ceiling with your cabinets if you can.

Overall, you’ll get given a document with an elevation view of every part of your kitchen showing you how everything opens (whether it is a drawer or door). Take the time to go over these and make sure that you allocate a space for every item that you own. With the request we add dividers, racks and hooks wherever needed to make sure every inch of space in your new kitchen will be utilised.


Drawers. Can also have the addition of Internal Drawers to Maximize Storage.

Open Shelves.jpg

Open Shelves.


Column makes it easy to go floor to ceiling, especially with interior mechanisms such as these pull-out baskets.

We have tried to make it easier to explore design ideas by organizing our website in a way that you first pick the look that you want your kitchen in. These looks are created by the  materials chosen to create your cabinetry finish. Every other aesthetic aspect of the kitchen is then chosen around the cabinetry finish.

Kitchen Looks, Unico Website.JPG

Our Website Kitchen Menu. Click Here to Start Exploring.

Our Italian kitchens gives you the option of the following cabinetry finishes:

  • Matt Bilaminate

  • Concrete Bilaminate

  • Wood Bilaminate

  • Stone Bilaminate

  • Super Matt

  • Fenix Bilaminate

  • Matt and Glossy Lacquer

  • Wood Veneer

  • Wood Veneer Plank

  • Porcelain/Tile

  • Glass

  • Concrete

  • Metal Effect Lacquer

Amongst the different materials, the other choice that has to be made is what colour you would like. When it comes to choosing the right colour, all you have to do is choose the one that best matches your personality. The kitchen is the heart of the house, the area where you’ll spend most of your time in, so choose something that you like.

Lastly, the most important part of the kitchen, the bench top! Now this is where the material becomes very important. Our bench top options vary between the following

  • Natural Stone

  • Laminate

  • Porcelain/Tile

  • Laminate

  • Stainless Steel

  • Engineered Stone/Quartz

  • Corian

There is a lot of information to give on each bench top material, it’s advantages and disadvantages, and I’ve already said enough on this one. Bench top blog is also being added onto the schedule!

With the technology that we now have, we can create your entire kitchen in a 3D model and present you renders to help you really visualize your kitchen and establish any aesthetic problems that may appear.

As already mentioned, the kitchen is the heart of the home and where you will most likely spend the majority of your time. Invest in a design that meets the requirements of your lifestyle, high quality material and installation and you won’t regret it!

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